Family is still a great idea

“And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she will be called a woman, because out of man she was taken.” (Gen 2:23)

Alvin Toffler, a futurologist, wrote in The Shock of the Future in the 70’s of the last century that the family, as we know it, would suffer very strong pressures, in such a way that it would settle into new arrangements. The couples would be together for a period of five years and if it didn’t work out, they would dissolve the relationship. The children generated would be in charge of the state, which would refer them to structured families. In the 1930s, of the same century, the socialist state tried to end the traditional family, as it thought it was a component of capitalism, but it was forced to go back and affirm the traditional family model, as it saw that the results were not beneficial. for the nation.

Tofler was right when he said the family would come under pressure. The various media, therapists, artists and personalities, among others, bombard the family as if it were the center of social problems. Marital infidelity and divorce are hailed as a liberating process.

But even so, thousands of couples go up to the altars of different churches and celebrate their marriage and the formation of a new family. Thousands of other couples are working smartly to keep their homes from falling apart. We need to remember that the family has its origin in God. God, in His existential form, is not a solitary or selfish being. He lives in the most perfect communion with the Son and the Holy Spirit. Therefore, our model is God himself. As much as man struggles against this fact, it still imposes itself.

Family is still a great idea. Even children have the best role models in their parents. The complement of the man is the woman and vice versa. Even the family is the first socializing nucleus for the child. This is where the child learns to respect authorities and acquire lasting values ​​for life.

Because we have a high divorce rate, we are living, in part, with social disintegration, the breakdown of values ​​and the trivialization of life. God, when he envisioned the family, knew it was best for the human race.

The more the family is bombed and devalued, the more we will see evil grow in the most diverse forms. Research shows that adolescents who enjoy the presence of their father start their sexual life later. When the family is valued, children feel the results throughout their lives, as they will be more confident, persistent and balanced, less prone to depression and will know how to act with equanimity in the face of life’s crises. We need to see the family as a great opportunity for growth and healing. The empowerment and encouragement found in a balanced family generates personal growth and healing for many emotional crises. In living together at home we can acquire winning principles that will help us in making decisions.

I believe that some postures can be assumed by the participants of a family:

Personal Appreciation — Appreciate yours for yourself and in front of others.
Less critical — Why criticize if I can value?
Common sense in the face of crises — Don’t look for blame, but look for solutions.
Respect — We may disagree with ideas, but we need to respect the human being.
Forgiveness — We need to give and receive forgiveness. This brings healing into the home.
Mercy — Putting on each other’s shoes to try to deal with their pain or crisis.
Love — “Who doesn’t show that they love, really doesn’t love”. W. Shakespeare
Leisure — Family who do not have leisure together ends.
Home Worship — Bringing God into our homes.
Well-structured families facilitate the work of the state, strengthen the social fabric and bring personal balance.

Soli Deo Gloria — Source Ministry Strength to Live



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Rosimeire Vieira

Rosimeire Vieira

I have been a Christian since my adolescence and I seek to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone who believes using the Holy Bible as a basis and faith.